One of the concerns about shockwave therapy is cost. Shockwave therapy is still a procedure that is not FDA-approved. Some of the benefits of shockwave therapy, such as improvement of blood flow and improvement of connective tissue damage are FDA-approved indications. However, it is not FDA-approved for the management of erectile dysfunction.

Accordingly, it is not a covered benefit, and as such is an out-of-pocket procedure offered at a rate of $450 a session, with the recommendation of six sessions per patient. As the patient bundles the sessions, attending more than one session at a time, there are some savings that can be obtained. These prices are very competitive compared to other prices in the market.

The cost of shockwave therapy varies widely from one center to another. It is important to make sure you are getting real shockwave therapy as opposed to the unproven and unfortunately widely available acoustic radial therapy options (ex: GAINSWave®).



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