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UCI Urology’s Grandest Rounds is a novel re-interpretation of an institution's weekly grand rounds conference. Under the direction of Dr. Ralph Clayman, UCI Urology’s Grandest Rounds is now a uniquely global experience due to the introduction of lectures solely presented on ZOOM.

Grandest Rounds By The Numbers

Colleagues from 42 states and 49 countries have connected from the comfort of their home, office, or mobile device each week. Lectureships examine one of the 12 major topics in urology monthly.
In the 2023-2024 academic year, we secured lectures by world-renowned urologists in North America, in addition to our own UCI Urology faculty, fellows and residents covering a variety of topics.
Special features include:
"Life’s Legends Lectures" series focusing on aspects of career, life balance, and discovery, as experienced by some of our most well-known urologists.
Dr. Gennady Bratslavsky
Dr. Ronald Lewis
Dr. Margaret Pearle
Dr. Philip G. Ransley
Dr. John De Lancey
"Semi-live surgery" series in which expert surgeons show a complete single procedure from start to finish, commenting on the nuances and finer points of technique.
Dr. Sia Daneshmand
Dr. Keith Kowalczyk
Dr. Joel Sheinfeld
Dr. Roshan Patel

2023 Monthly Topics

Lecturers: Drs. Ramy Hanna, Kamyar Kalantar Zadeh, Mani Menon, Connie Rhee, Mark Jordan
Lecturers: Drs. Rama Jayanthi, J. Stuart Wolf, Jr., Tony Khoury, Navin Sabharwal, Chandru Sundaram
May Legends Lecture
05/15/2023 Legends Lecture: Life's Lessions Learned
Dr. Mani Menon | Mount Sinai
Lecturers: Dr. Kai-Wen Chuang, Dr. Duane Baldwin, Dr. Roozbeh Houshyar, Dr. Alexander Bell, Dr. Elliott Freudenburg, Dr. Jaime Landman, Dr. Anne M. Suskind
Lecturers: Dr. Mark Ball, Dr. Navin Sabharwal, Dr. Abraham Hakimi, Dr. Mehdi Mollapour, Dr. Jimmy Jiang, Dr. Gennady Bratslavsky, Dr. Douglas Schneider
August Legends Lecture
8/28/2023 Legend’s Life Lecturer: Lessons Learned
Dr. Gennady Bratslavsky
Lecturers: Dr. Vitaly Margulis, Dr. Sia Daneshmand, Dr. Surena Matin, Dr. Daniel Jiang
Lecturers: Dr. Allen Morey, Dr. Armand Zini, Dr. Jake Miller, Dr. Tung-chin (Mike) Hsieh, Dr. Gustavo Gryzinski, Dr. John Mulcahy, Dr. Ranjith Ramasamy
October Legends Lecture
10/23/2023 Legend’s Lecture: Five Decades of Experience in the Development of Penile Prosthesis
Dr. John Mulcahy
Lecturers: Dr. Alexander Bell, Dr. Peter A. Pinto, Dr. Keith Kowalczyk, Dr. Joel Sheinfeld, Dr. Joseph Jacob, Dr. Curtis A. Pettaway, Dr. Navin Sabharwal
Lecturers: Dr. Roshan Patel, Dr. Khurshid Ghani, Dr. John Asplin, Dr. Margaret (Peggy) Pearle, Dr. Felix Chen
November Semi-Live Surgery
11/13/2023 Semi-Live: Robotic Radical Prostatectomy, Retzius Sparing Technique: Tips and Tricks from Start to Finish
Dr. Keith Kowalczyk
November Semi-Live Surgery
11/20/2023 Semi-Live: Open Retroperitoneal Lymph Node Dissection: Tips and Tricks from Start to Finish
Dr. Joel Sheinfeld
December Semi-Live Surgery
12/04/2023 Semi-Live: Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy Tips and Tricks from Start to Finish
Dr. Roshan Patel
December Legends Lecture
12/18/2023 Legend's Lecture: Life's Lesson
Dr. Margaret (Peggy) Pearle

2024 Monthly Topics

Lecturers: Dr. Richard Lee, Dr. Philip G. Ransley, Dr. Alex Jang, Dr. Timothy Boswell, Dr. Heidi Stephany
Lecturers: Dr. Tony Khoury, Dr. Douglas Schneider, Dr. Elliott Freudenburg, Dr. Christina Ching, Dr. Christina Kraus
January Legends Lecture
01/22/2024 Legend’s Lecture: Pediatric Urology Comes of Age
Dr. Philip G. Ransley
Lecturers: Dr. Mark Cain, Dr. John Stoffel, Dr. Olivia Chang, Dr. Zhina Sadeghi, Dr. Alex Jang, Dr. John De Lancey, Dr. Gustavo Gryzinski
Lecturers: Dr. Elias Wehbi, Dr. Irwin Goldstein, Dr. Jennifer Anger, Dr. Jake Miller, Dr. Mohit Khera, Dr. Aaron Spitz, Dr. Edward Choi
March Legends Lecture
03/25/2024 Legend’s Life Lecturer: Lessons Learned
Dr. John De Lancey
Lecturers: Dr. Uttam Reddy, Dr. Ekamol Tantisattamo, Dr. Felix Chen
Lecturers: Dr. Bilal Chugtai, Dr. Dean S. Elterman, Dr. Edward Choi, Dr. Akhil Das, Dr. Daniel Jiang

Attendance and continuing medical education (CME) credits are logged and summary provided to participants at the end of each academic year. Lectures suitable for radiology CME are also highlighted.

We look forward to your participation.

Fast Facts

  • In 2017, UCI Urology Grandest Rounds was the first urology program in the United States to utilize ZOOM to increase educational outreach and access to learning.
  • 36 ZOOM guest lectures for the 2021 – 2022 ZOOM Grandest Rounds schedule (highlighted in green) from across North America.
  • 39+ lectures by our UCI world-renown faculty including members of our radiology, dermatology, pathology, infectious disease, and nephrology sections.
  • In 2022, UCI ZOOM Grandest Rounds had 4,911 total Medical Professional attendees.
  • In 2022, UCI ZOOM Grandest Rounds was live streamed in 49 countries and 42 states.

Grandest Rounds By The Numbers


In 2022, UCI ZOOM Grandest Rounds
was live streamed

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