Dealing with Prostate Cancer: A Wife's Story

Hearing the word “cancer’ didn’t quite hit me right away. When Dan told me the results from his biopsy, I knew he purposely made it sound like it was just a little thing. He said they found two small spots of cancer. The first thing that came to my mind was “ok, we will deal with this, they can just go in and zap it away”.
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Patient Experience – Prostate Cancer

There has been much written about the need for PSA tests and the type of options available to men once a Prostate Cancer diagnosis has been made, thus the following diary relates to my experience post diagnosis, through surgical procedure and recovery. Once diagnosed with Prostate cancer, and you have made a decision to have your prostrate removed, the next decision is who, where and when.
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Robotic Prostatectomy

Dear Dr Ahlering,

Today marks the 3 month anniversary since my surgery. Not a single day passes by, without me thinking how blessed I’ve been to have had you as my surgeon.

From the first day I’ve met you I felt very comfortable with you. It is very rare that you get to see a world renowned surgeon like yourself to have this kind of genuine care for the average patient. I could tell that you have a great passion for your patients and the work you do every day. I never felt rushed when talking to you about my condition.

Your knowledge, research, experience, surgical outcomes and international recognition speak for themselves. I always knew that I was in great hands once I met you.

My recovery exceeded every expectation that I had. After the surgery I was basically pain free and only took 1 Tylenol tablet! I was able to walk at length couple of days after the surgery. I did not even feel weak as one expects after the surgery.

I completely regained my urinary continence 2 weeks after the surgery. Roughly a week after the catheter removal I was pad free and without any kind of urinary issues. I found this amazing given that my expectation was around 6 months…

ALL the other functions have returned to normal a month after the surgery. Currently I feel even better post-surgery than ever before. I believe this is due to your unique skills and techniques that set you apart from the other surgeons out there.

I will highly recommend this procedure to anyone who needs it and is not decided. It is a much faster recovery that expected and I am very happy the outcome. In the hands of the right surgeon the robot is amazing.

After the surgery I followed your advice in regards to lifestyle changes which translated into weight loss and better health. Everyone compliments me that I even look younger. Today I feel better and stronger than 10 years ago!

Thank you very much for giving me another shot at life! Words cannot express how grateful I am for what you have done for me!


Sincerely yours,
Pastor John Radu

Sacral Nerve Stimulation Changes Woman’s Life

“After years of failed attempts to improve my condition, I’m finally confident in the care I’m receiving. I’m happy to share my story, so that other women with similar problems will know there are solutions. You don’t have to suffer in silence,” said Andrea Baugh Lindsey. “I look forward to going to Disneyland with my grandchildren and spending more time with them. Dr. Ghoniem made me human again.”
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New Technology Provides More Accurate Biopsies for Prostate Cancer

Paul Kroger, 56, was seeing a specialist for kidney stones when he found out he had prostate cancer. Kroger's doctor told him it was in the early stages, and that he could “wait and monitor” the condition. But Kroger, whose uncle and father had prostate cancer, sought a second opinion at UC Irvine Medical Center. That decision saved his life. Thanks to new, more accurate technology urologic oncologist Dr. Edward Uchio discovered that the cancer was far more aggressive and advanced than previously considered.

Innovative Kidney Biopsy Technique Changes Cancer Diagnosis

At age 70, David Pearl found out he had a growth in his kidney. He was told that a biopsy would be too risky and that kidney removal was his only treatment option. Thankfully, he sought a second opinion with the UC Irvine Department of Urology. Find out more about his story in the video below.

Minimally Invasive Surgery Saves One Man’s Life

Tom Wilson lives in San Diego, works as a senior manager for the Postal Service and enjoys a mountain hike and vacation now and then. He also is alive and doing well because of urological procedures – including minimally invasive surgery at UC Irvine Medical Center – to treat his kidney cancer and stones.

Tom Wilson is working and thriving again after a rapid recovery from kidney operations at UC Irvine.

After traditional open surgery at another institution to remove a kidney, called radical nephrectomy, he suffered complications that resulted in a blocked intestine. Then in 2005 Tom was diagnosed with a kidney stone, a cyst and a solid mass on his remaining kidney. He sought out care elsewhere so that he could be treated by the best minimally invasive surgeons in the country. His physicians told him to come to UC Irvine’s Department of Urology.

Dr. Ralph Clayman performed three minimally invasive procedures to remove the stone and cyst and to cut out the solid mass while leaving healthy kidney tissue intact – all requiring expert laparoscopic surgical skills that saved Tom’s single remaining kidney. Today, Tom is a walking testament to the latest advancements to treat these disorders. On his left side is a 14-inch incision, made to remove his cancerous kidney. On his right side are four tiny scars from the procedures at UC Irvine. Tom believes he owes his life to all the surgeries, but credits UC Irvine’s surgeons with allowing him to recover faster. He’s now working, living, and even providing guidance for his fellow employees who have cancer.

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