Global Blue Skies Conference


February 3, 2024

University of California, Irvine

Sue Gross Auditorium, Susan Samueli Integrative Health Institute, College of Health Sciences

Salutogenesis: Lifestyle, disease prevention and alternative strategies to optimizing health span

Mindful Eating, Mindful Living| Gary Deng, MD, PhD, FRCP(Glasg)

Sustainable Agriculture: Planetary and Human Health | Lindsay Jaacks, PhD

Latent Effects: Environmental Influences on Neurodegenerative Disease | Patrick Kearns, (BMedSci(Hons) MBChB MRCP MPH)

Health Inequalities: Social Determinants and Beyond | Jason Leitch, CBE FDS RCPS(Glasg)

The True Purpose of Nutrition | Robert Lustig, MD

Salutogenesis: Insights to a Longer, Healthier Life | Shaista Malik, MD, PhD, MPH, FRCP(Glasg)

Breast Cancer: The Way We Live Now | Mike McKirdy, PRCPSG

Keynote Speaker | Sir Dave MacMillan

Advanced Healthcare Technology: Including lasers and photonics, robotics, genetics, virtual reality, etc.

Kiss of the Muse: Creativity and Innovation | Ralph V. Clayman, MD, FRCS (Edinburgh)

Inspiration and Perspiration: Realizing Surgical Innovation | Derek Herrera, Bright Uro

A Flexible Perspective on Surgical Robotics | Duke Herrell, MD, FACS, FRCS(Glasg)

Surgical Robotics: From Renaissance Master (DaVinci) to the Moon and Beyond | Fred Moll, MD, Hon FRCS(Glasg)

Transforming the Operating Room into the Safest Space on Earth | Teodor Grancherov, MD, PhD, FACS

Elevating the Practice of Medicine with our AI Partner | Inderbir Gill, MD, FRCS(Glasg)

From Virtual Reality to Clinical Reality: How VR Shapes Our Future | Francesco Porpiglia, MD, FRCS(Glasg)

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