Reconstructive surgery aims to restore normal health and function to the urinary and genital systems.

Reconstructive surgery addresses problems that affect the ability to urinate and achieve satisfactory sexual activity, as well as deformities and infertility. These issues can:

  • Have physical and psychological repercussions for men
  • Take a tremendous toll on their general well-being

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Peyronie's and Penile Curvature

Peyronie's is a prevalent cause of penile curvature. When structures inside the penis develop scar tissue or fibrosis, the tissue can't expand and forces the penis to bend. While the exact cause of Peyronie's is largely unknown, it may be related to trauma or genetic influences. There is some association between it and a similar fibrotic condition that affects the hands.


A disease of the skin and glandular tissues, Hidradenitis causes painful pustules in the groin and scrotum area. These pockets are filled with a purulent fluid, which causes swelling and infection. The resulting scars can be disfiguring but can improve with the use of tissue grafts, surgical excision and other techniques.


Hypospadias usually presents as a birth defect in boys. The opening of the penis, or urethra, forms in the wrong location. Depending on the severity, it may be positioned on the underside, mid-shaft, or lower in the scrotal area.

Since the urethra is responsible for semen and urinary travel, it can lead to infertility if it's not repaired. It's also sometimes seen with a downward penile curvature with the opening appearing on the bottom. Surgery restores the urethral opening to its proper placement.


Penile Implant & Prosthesis

For men with erectile or sexual dysfunction, penile implants and prosthesis help when medical conditions or treatments leave them unable to engage in sexual activity. There are many types of devices available, depending on what they would like to achieve. Options include:

  • A semi-rigid, permanently implanted prosthesis
  • A pump implanted in the scrotum, which draws fluid from a tiny container in the abdomen
  • An all-in-one pump device placed in the penile shaft

Scrotal Lymphedema

Lymphedema is a swelling that occurs when lymph fluid collects in an area and can't drain. It causes a tight, heavy feeling with thickened skin. Open sores or infection may develop without treatment.

The causes of scrotal lymphedema can include radiation therapy, removal of nearby lymph nodes, or an underlying disease. The swelling can be very profound, making it difficult to sit or walk. Surgery can reduce the excess tissue and restore the appearance of the scrotum.


Constrictors in the walls of the urethra block urine and semen from exiting. It may be caused by an injury, prostatic hyperplasia, or other condition. There are surgical options for widening the urethra and a less invasive balloon method for milder cases.

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