A penile implant is a device that is placed inside the penis of the man to allow him to restore his erectile function. These devices have been available since 1973 when they were first invented. Over time there have been numerous iterations of the device and improvements to the devices that we have today. These are called the inflatable penile prosthesis, which is a hydraulic device that is placed in the penis. By squeezing a pump, it allows water to engorge the penis and develop an erection that is satisfactory for intercourse.

Some patients may be embarrassed, afraid of the stigma, or concerned that they have a penile implant and don’t want the partner to immediately know they have it. Most of the time, the partner will not be able to tell if a man has a penile implant.

First and foremost, all the components of the implant are concealed inside the body and are not visible to the outside world. The incision is made along the line on the underside of the penis, so the incision is not visible. Second, the pump of the device is positioned posteriorly, which means it's in the back end of the scrotum or behind the testicles, not visible or palpable by the partner. For instance, if a patient opted to walk around naked in the gym when while changing, nobody will know that he has an implant.

Finally, it's important to know that when the implant is inflated for sexual purposes, it is very difficult for anyone to know that there is an implant, and the sensation to the partner is like the sensation attained with having sex with a normal erection. Furthermore, sensation during sex is not altered for the partner during intercourse with a man with a penile implant.


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