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Leadership Opportunities

UC Irvine’s Summer Surgery Program provides mentoring opportunities for UC Irvine undergraduates who aim to develop skills in leadership, teaching, and mentoring.

We are seeking well rounded, highly motivated and enthusiastic mentors to teach tutorials, instruct surgical skills training, and to oversee live OR case observations. Most importantly, we want mentors to contribute their knowledge and life experience to high school students who are just getting started on their journey into medicine.

Like the high school students, you will be given the opportunity to experience life as a medical student, to network with medical students, residents, and faculty, and to learn a new skill set that will allow you to become lifelong teachers and leaders.

Laboratory Specialist

We are seeking 2 UC Irvine undergraduate students for our “Laboratory Specialist” position. This position is for both sessions of the 2017 Summer Surgery Program.

In this position, you will instruct participants on hands-on surgical skills workshops, aid in daily program activities including set-up, break down, final exam proctoring, and act as a role model educating participants on college life. Surgical Skill training will be provided to the two Laboratory Specialists selected.

To apply, please complete the following:

College Coaches – Session II Only

We are seeking 2 UC Irvine undergraduate students for our “College Coach” position. This position is for Session II only to supervise our high school students boarding at UC Irvine Main Campus dorms. Room and board will be paid for the two College Coaches selected.

In this position, you will supervise all program participants residing in UCI Main Campus Dorms, facilitate all evening and weekend activities, chaperone all participants during ground travel to and from UCI Main Campus to UC Irvine Health each day, act as role model and emergency contact for all students, understand and uphold UC Irvine Residence Hall, and UC Irvine Health policies and procedures, and check-in/-out all students to UCI Residence Hall.

To apply, please complete the following:


All college coaches must have at least one year of college experience. They must be present from 6:45am to 3pm Monday through Friday for each two-week session. They also must have their own transportation to and from the Medical Center, though parking will be provided.

2017 Alumni Mentor Application Form

We are seeking a total of 4 returning Summer Surgery Alumni from SSP 2016 (2 for each session). If you’re interested in continuing on with the Summer Surgery Legacy, we would love to have you back to share your knowledge and experience as a mentor to our incoming class of 2017.

To apply, please complete the following:

All leadership applications, please submit through email to:

Selections are made on a rolling basis, so the earlier the application is completed, the greater the likelihood of being accepted.

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