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Xiaolin Zi, Ph.D. & M.Sc.

Xiaolin Zi, Ph.D. & M.Sc.


Associate Professor


Prostate and Bladder Cancers

Professional Biography

Dr. Zi combines his knowledge in population science with laboratory skills in basic science to develop less or non-toxic bioactive agents from edible plant products for cancer prevention. His publications that have identified silibinin as a strong antiproliferative and differentiate agent for prostate cancer cells have resulted in a Phase II clinical trial of silibinin in prostate cancer patients.

Dr. Zi is developing novel preventive agents for patients with superficial bladder tumors to prevent recurrence and progression of this disease. These agents may also prevent bladder cancer in those who work in high risk industries or engage in high risk activities such as smoking. He is the inventor of flavokawains for bladder cancer prevention and treatment (patent pending). His project on flavokawains has been funded by National Cancer Institute, NIH. He is also studying the biological roles of secreted Wnt antagonists in prostate and bladder cancer progression. His study on secreted Wnt antagonists may lead to new therapeutic and/or preventive approaches for bladder and prostate cancer.


Graduate: McGill University, Montreal, Canada
Doctorate: Shanghai Medical University, P.R. China
Postdoctoral Training: Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio
McGill University, Montreal, Canada

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